ZEE TV Punar Vivah 5 June Written Update Aarti slapped Prashant

 ZEE TV Punar Vivah 5 June Written Update Aarti slapped Prashant

The episode begins with Shobha saying Prashant that she will take care of all confusions today itself. Shobha tells Prashnat that she will be first mother who will be doing funeral of her son (Prashnt) who is still alive.

Shobha tells Prashant that he is already dead for them. Prashant blames Aarti that she has poisoned his parent's mind. Prashant says bad words to Aarti that she got married secone time because she just only wanted physical relationship.

Prashant curses Aarti that she can get money but will never get love. Yash will also leave her very soon. Prashant tells Aarti that he thinks that Ansh is not his own son also.

Aarti looses her patience and slaps Prashant saying that Ansh can never be son of an abusive person like him. Aarti tells him that Ansh is just only her son and now his (Yash) who saved his life. Aarti tells Prashant that Ansh is now Ansh Yash Sindhiya.

Prashnat raises his hands to beat Aarti. Aarti stops his hand. Prashant gets angry and tells Aarti that he will be back to take his part in the house. Aarti throws him out of the house.

Aarti breaks down and Shobha says to Aarti that she should not spoil her present relationship because of her old problematic relationship. Shobha tells Aarti that Aarti is now Prashant's widow and Yash's wife.

Yash calls Shobha and tells her that if Aarti is ready then he can come to pick her up. Shobha tells Yash that Aarti will surely come with him.