Teri Meri Love Stories 29th September 2012 written update (TMLS)

Teri Meri Love Stories 29th September 2012 written update (TMLS)

Teri Meri Love Stories written update TMLS September 29th 2012 

Today's episode (29-9-2012) of Teri Meri Love Story starts with Nikita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Nikhil (Iqbal Khan). Theirs was a love marriage and then were divorced.

After 5 years, both Nikita and Nikhil meet each other. Nikita meets Nikhil with her fiance Maddy. Maady suggests Nikita to find a girl for Nikhil.

Nikita make Nikhil to many girls but does not find anyone suitable for him. Nikhil says to Nikita that she feels jealous of him and that is why she is not selecting a girl. Nikita makes it clear that he is the one who always fesls jealous but not she.

Both recall their sweet moments with each other. Nikhil recalls the flashback where Nikita refuses to celebrate Nikhil’s birthday because of Kuku.

Nikhil asks her about Kuku. Nikita is about to tell him but Nikhil interrupts her and asks if she had affairs with Kuku. Nikita gets disheartened and they parted their ways.

Nikhil feels that he did not give enough time for Nikita for the explanation.

Nikita is bit jealous when Nikhil likes her friend Mridula and calls her perfect for him.

Nikhi and Mridula both spend a good time with each other. Nikhil gets shocked when the peon tells him that Nikita’s KuKu is dead.

He reached Nikita’s house and is shocked to see that Kuku is just a dog. Nikhil gets irritated on Nikita because she had broken their relationship for a dog.

Nikita make it clear to him that she broke up because he did not trust her.

Nikita decides to get married soon with Maddy. Nikhil is irritated with all these happeneings and Mridula make him to realize that he is stll in love Nikita.

Nikhil reaches Nikita ‘s place and confesses that he is still love her and she is perfect for him.

He says Nikita to get married with him again.

Both Nikhil and Nikita reunite by hugging each other at the end of the love story.