Teri Meri Love Stories (TMLS) 22nd September 2012 written update

Teri Meri Love Stories (TMLS) 22nd September 2012 written update

TMLS - Teri Meri Love Stories September 22nd  2012 written update

Today's episode (16-09-2012) of Teri Meri Love Stories love story starts with Anika (Shargun Mehta) and Yug Saxena (Karan Patel). Yug loves Kavya but gets married to Anika for a business deal.

Yug consoles Kavya by saying that he will soon get divorce from Anika. Yug and Anika have arguments on their wedding anniversary over Kavya.

Anika signs the divorce papers and leaves the house but she meets an accident and loses her memory.

Yug brings Anika to Kashmir. Yug who does not love Anika falls in love with her after spending time with her.

Anika gets shocked when a reporter asks Anika about why she was not present on her wedding anniversary day. Reporter questions about the her fight with Yug on the anniversary day.

Anika asks Yug if they had fought more. Yug consoles her by saying that nothing has happened like that.

Yug decides to go back to the house and this makes Anika angry. Anika tells him that if he wants to stay alone then she will give him divorce.

Suddenly she gets back her memory. Anika runs and bumps into Kavya. Yug shouts on Kavya to come back into his life.

Doctor informs Yug that Anika will never get her memory back. Anika says sorry to Yug for talking about divorce. Yug wants to tell Anika about the past. But Anika refuses him by saying that she loves him so much and they can forget the past and can get new memories.

Yug goes to Kavya’s house and writes a letter that he loves only his wife Anika. Anika leaves Yug's house when Kavya shows her the divorce papers.

Yug stops Anika by telling her that she only signed the papers and Kavya is his past. He confesses his love to her. They promise to stay together forever.

The love story of Anika and Yug ends with their happy hugging.