Teri Meri Love Stories 19th August written update TMLS Karan Wahi

Teri Meri Love Stories 19th August written update TMLS Karan Wahi

The story starts with a hospital where Smitha’s elder sister (Shubhangi Atri Pure) tells Smitha (Chhavi Pandey) that her sister comes to meet her with kids. Smitha’s sister also says Smitha to get married but Smitha refuses by telling her that she wants to become a heart specialist first.

Smitha puts a bindi on her forehead and recalls the moments when her senior Ritesh (Karan Wahi) used to tease her for her bindi.

Unfortunately, Smitha’s sister gets died in a accident and Mithu take care of her kids. The kids meet dr. Ritesh who is child specialist. Kids started to like Ritesh company and Smitha’s pampering.

Meanwhile, Ritesh falls in love with Smitha but she confuses between her career and love. Smitha decides to send kids to their father because she cannot handle the responsibilities of kids alone.

Kids does not want to go with their father so she tells Ritesh about this. On the other hand, Smitha gives interview for heart specialist and thinks about Ritesh's words and feelings. Finally, she refuses to join the job and accepts kids and Ritesh’s love.

Ritesh, Smitha and kids make a happy family. The love story of Ritesh and Smitha end with their romance for the song Re Aaye Haay Teri Bindiya Re.

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