Teri Meri Love Stories 16th September written update Karan Kundra

Teri Meri Love Stories 16th September written update Karan Kundra

Teri Meri Love Stories September 16th 2012 written update

Today's episode (16-09-2012) starts with matchmaker Sia Bhel a jodi breaker Karan Kapoor. Sia’s friend Priya tells Sia that Murli has broken her (Priya) heart. Murali tells Sia that his parents approached a jodi breaker Karan Kapoor who has given them Priya’s pictures with a boy. Priya gathers the information about Karan Kapoor  (Karan Kundra).

Priya asks help from parents. They agree on a condition that she will lisen to them whatever they ask her to do.

Her parents meet with Karan and he tells them that love is just a need and nothing more and he wants to break pairs.

Karan Kapoor follows Sia and meets her in the club. Karan tells her about his lover Nandini and he gets disheartened by seeing Nandini with his best friend.

Karan drinks more and more. So, Sia drops him at his house. Sia decides to make Karan realiaze about how it feels when heart breaks. So, she pretends to love him.

Karan enjoys Sia’s company but feels jealous to see her with her boyfriend Dhruv. He tries to break up Sia and Dhruv's relationship by clicking Dhruv with a girl pictures.

Sia tells him that this photographs are taken by the stupid jodi breaker who had already broken up her friend Priya and Murli's relationship.

Karan and Sia spend more time with each other. Karan tells her that he has fallen in love with her again. Sia realizes that his break up story was not wrong and feels bad to pretend loving him.

Karan is about to make Sia to wear the ring but gets interrupted by Priya, Murali and Druv. Karan gets disheartened to know that Priya did all all drama.

Sia says sorry to Karan but he does not listen to it. Sia meets a boy who was selected by her father for her . Sia talks to him and realizes that her true love is Karan.

Sia expresses her love to Karan in their fighting style.

Karan make Sia to wear the ring and they complete their love story with hugging each other.