Swaragini 31st May 2016 written update

Swaragini 31st May 2016 written update

Swaragini Tuesday May 31st 2016

Today's (31.05.2016) swaragini written update (written episode) featuring Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) starts with Sanskar crying on Lakshya's shoulder.

Sanskar is very sad because Swara is scared of him and thinks he is the murderer. Everyone pacifies Sanskar. 

Sahil is deeply hurt to know that Swara is already married. Sahil says that he will always remain with Swara as a shadow.

Swara questions Ragini and Sharmishtha that who all those people were. Swara goes hysterical once again as she does not remember anything. Ragini tells her that Sharmishtha and Shekhar are married now. Sharmishtha sings a lullaby for Swara.

Shekhar and Sharmishtha decide not to tell Swara about her marriage with Sanskar whom she thinks is a murderer. 

Sanskar calls Ragini to check on Swara. Ragini tells him everything is under control. 

Swara prays to God to give her strength to deal with such a situation. Sahil comes and tells her that music will give her this strength. 

Precap of Swaragini written update:

Sujata tells Sharmishtha that it is her age to become a grandmother and not mother. Swara discovers that she is already married.