Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) 25 May Written Update

Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) 25 May Written Update

The episode begins with Kokila getting angry on Ahem as he left without saying the reason to break Anita’s marriage proposal with Avinash.

Anita says to Kokila that she will never understand Ahem and his feelings. Kokila suspects Anita and asks her to talk clearly. Anita says that anyone will understand by seeing Ahem and Gopi not happy with this proposal.

Kokila refuses and Anita says that if Ahem is happy then why he refused her marriage proposal. Urmila says Anita that she provoked Ahem against Avinash.

Urmila tells Kokila that she saw when Anita was talking with Ahem. Anita tells that she agreed for marriage, but Ahem did not like it because he still loves her.

Kokila gets very angry with Anita and tells her that Ahem and Gopi are happy. Gopi is a good life partner for Ahem.

Kokila tells Anita that Gopi is ideal daughter in law and good wife. Kokila challenge to Anita that she will prove her that Gopi is best.

Anita says Kokila that she will show her that Ahem still loves her. Anita accepts Kokila’s challenge. Kokila tells Gopi that Anita thinks that if she would have married Ahem, then she would be the ideal daughter in law of the house.

Kokila tell about a competition to Gopi and Anita where they have to take more blessings and money from elders. This competition will prove who is best amid Anita and Gopi.