Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) 22 May 2012 Written Update

Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) 22 May 2012 Written Update

The episode begins when Gopi calls Ahem, but Rashi snatches her phone. Gopi says to Rashi that she wants to talk with Ahem as she did not talk with him in the morning.

Rashi says to Gopi not to accept Ahem’s apology soon. But when Gopi refuses, Rashi ties Gopi’s hand and legs.

Ahem comes back from the office and asks Meethi about Gopi. Media tells that Gopi is with Rashi. Rashi demands to Gopi that she will not allow her to go if she doesn’t accept her words.

Gopi finally agrees and promises to Rashi that she will not forgive Ahem. Rashi says that her intention is only to save her life from Anita.

In the room, Ahem calls Gopi but no one replies. Ahem gets angry and asks himself, why Gopi behave like this. Gopi silently goes to her room and sleeps.

Ahem comes back from the washroom and sees Gopi sleeping. Ahem calls Gopi, but after no response from her, he gets angry and goes to sleep.

Rashi gets shocked to see Anita is going in Ahem’s room. Anita asks Ahem to talk with her. Gopi gets annoyed and asks her to talk with her as Ahem has to go to the office.

Anita refuses, but Gopi and Rashi take her to a room. Rashi tells her about Switzerland trips.

Anita feels irritated with Gopi and Rashi as they blocked her to talk with Ahem. Rashi gets annoyed with Anita’s words. So, Gopi reads a social book and Anita feels bored and goes to sleep.