Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th May 2012 Written Update

Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th May 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with Anita telling Gopi that she will plan a surprise party for Ahem. Anita tells to Gopi that they will order everything from the market. Gopi feels hesitated, but doesn’t say anything to Anita.

Kokila asks Gopi about birthday preparations and she tells Anita is preparing. Kokila gets upset, but agrees thinking that Gopi will stop Anita for the preparation of birthday party for Ahem. Anita makes lists for birthday and writes everything according to her wish.

Rashi tells Gopi that she will not go to market with her to buy shirts for Ahem. Anita says to Gopi that she will go with her. Rashi tells Kokila that their all plans got flopped. Kokila says to Rashi that she was waiting that Gopi will stop Anita, but she did not.

In the mall, Gopi and Anita choose shirt for Ahem. Gopi chooses a blue color shirt and Anita tells Gopi that she doesn’t like dark colors. Gopi gets worried and Anita asks to choose another one, but Gopi buys a blue color shirt. Gopi feels sad to see Anita decorating for the party.

Kokila and Rashi try to provoke Gopi against Anita, but Gopi doesn’t say anything. The party starts while Kokila and Rashi thank Anita for arranging parties and Gopi again feels bad.

Anita’s friend Pinakin praises the party decoration and Anita says that she did it. Pinakin asks Anita whether Ahem’s wife Gopi didn’t feel bad, but Anita tells that Gopi is very sweet.