Star Plus Navya 26 April written update Baba & Bua dadi new plan

Star Plus Navya 26 April written update Baba & Bua dadi new plan

Episode begins with Rama talking with her mother through the phone about the family whose marriage proposal came for Nimisha. Rama gets shocked to know that the family is very simple and Baba agreed for marriage. Anant gets happy to see that he walked himself in very long distance. Anant tells Navya about it but Navya looks sad.

Anant asks Navya why she is so sad. Navya tells that Nimisha still loves Nikhil and she is not happy with this new marriage proposal. Anant tells Navya that Nimisha should forget Nikhil and asks Navya not to support her.

Navya helps Anant to walk while Baba and Bua dadi talk that this is the last happiness of Anant and Navya together. Rama overhears Baba and Bua dadi and tells Navya that baba is making a new plan against her. Rama tells Navya that Nimisha’s marriage proposal may be next plan for Baba to her exit from the house. Navya refuses to accept but Rama tells to believe her words.

Savita and Sugandha cooks in kitchen and Navya ask Savita if she can help Nimisha. Savita scolds Navya and asks Navya to stay away from Nimisha’s life. Savita asked Navya to go out of the kitchen. Rama gets hurt to hear harsh words for Navya and persuades Savita to work Navya in the kitchen. 

Baba shows a leaf to Bua dadi and tells that this makes a person crazy. When Navya haves it she will behave like mad for which Nimisha’s marriage will get break and Savita will blame Navya for this.

Rama asks Bua dadi about her new plan but Bua dadi refuses to tell her.