Star Plus Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7 May Written Update

Star Plus Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7 May Written Update

Episode begins with Viren telling Beeji that he will take Jeevika to Chandigarh and calls for an ambulance. Madan Chachu calls Manvi and informs her about Jeevika’s leaving. Manvi tells to Virat that Viren is taking Jeevika and he has started to hate her. Virat consoles Manvi that he will tell Viren about her cancer but, Manvi refuses him.

Viren shifts Jeevika to ambulance and Manvi, Virat reaches there. Manvi requests Viren that she wants to see Jeevika. But, he refuses and asks Manvi that from now her relation as sister with Jeevika is broken. Virat gets angry to hear it and Manvi keeps insisting Viren to allow her to see her at least for one time.

Virat also says Viren to allow Manvi see Jeevika. But, Viren refuses and leaves angrily. Manvi runs behind ambulance but fails to catch. Beeji consoles Manvi saying that everything will get well soon. Virat tells Beeji that he knows about Manvi’s cancer. Beeji requests Virat not to tell it to Viren.

Viren reaches Chandigarh where Swamini bua, Kadambri and his mother gets shocked to see Jeevika’s condition. The nurse tells Viren that Jeevika came to consciousness in the morning. Beeji tells Manvi to go to her room and take a rest. But Manvi looks in a lost condition and goes while Virat gets hurt to see Manvi’s condition.

Viren explains family about how Jeevika got injured and tells how Manvi denied giving her blood to Jeevika. Viren tells Swamini bua from now, he will never trust on Manvi.