Saregamapa 2012 wild card Mohammad Aman's entry in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Saregamapa 2012 wild card Mohammad Aman

The wild card special round of Saregamapa 2012 was happened on 25th November 2012 on ZEE TV.

All eliminated contestants of Saregamapa 2012 sung very well to get one more chance to continue their singing journey in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Mohammad Aman is famous classical singer. He again wons the hearts of all mentors Rahul Ram, Sajid-Wajid and Shankar Mahadevan by singing a classical song Tere Milan Ko.

Mohammad Aman finally selected in wild card round of Saregamapa 2012.

Now, Mohammad Aman is now one of the contestants of Top 10.

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