Saath Nibhana Saathiya written update 1st Sept Gopi arrested

Saath Nibhana Saathiya written update 1st Sept Gopi arrested

This episode (September 1st 2012) begins with Police informing to Modi family that many kids’s life is in danger after eating Gopi’s pickles.

Police arrests Gopi in charge of mixing impurities (adulteration) in the pickles. Ahem and Kokila go along with Gopi to save her.

Kokila tells Ahem to stay into jail because Gopi is pregnant. Kokila decides to find the real culprit. She also decides to prove Gopi is innocent. Kokila asks Rashi if she did something wrong with Pickles. Rashi refuses for this.

Kokila doubts that the pot seller is the culprit because he was the new person who came inside the house.

Urmila tells Rashi that she only steals pickles but she did not mix any wrong thing. Prisoners feels happy when Gopi serves them homemade food and pray for Gopi’s safety.

Kokila goes to meet the patient kids to the hospital. She surprises know that a color was mixed in the pickle.

Kokila and Rashi reach the Shah’s place to find the culprit. They record the workers voice where they are talking about adulteration colors into the pickles.

Kokila and Rashi escape from the workers clutches safely. Ahem is shocked when police tells Gopi will not get free. Kokila and Rashi inform police about a proof which could prove Gopi's innocence.