Pyar Ka Dard Hai 25th July 2012 written update Aditya's lovestory

Pyar Ka Dard Hai 25th July 2012 written update Aditya

In today’s (25th July 2012) Pyar Ka Dard Hai episode Govrdhan and Mami Ji perform in the beginning. After them comes Paknkhuri’s turn, but the drummer says that the drum cannot work anymore.

Mr.Dewan asks Aditya to check the drums. Aditya plays the music and Pankhuri performs on it.

Naman’s parents are amazed to see this, but Govrdhan tells them that Aditya is now recovering after taking the treatment for his disease.

Mr.Dewan says to Gupta Ji that he is very impressed with the love and affection which Gupta family members have for each other. He tells that Aditya’s parents are separated and don’t live with together. Gupta Ji is shocked to hear this.

Aditya tells Pankhuri about the separated status of his parents. She says that she can feel that both Harrish and Avantika love each other very much.

Aditya and Nana Ji get ready to leave. Pankhuri says to Aditya that she and her family members will be very happy if he will come tomorrow for the wedding.

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