Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th July written update Deewan,Gupta's plan

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th July written update Deewan,Gupta

The episode (19th July 2012) begins when Gupta Ji meetsMr. Dewan in the hotel, Pankhuri and Aditya see each other in the market.

Pankhuri tries to convince Aditya that her family has not deceived him, but he does not believe her and rudely walks away. Neha notices all this.

Neha and Pankhuri tell the other family members about their meeting with Aditya. Pankhuri′s father says that Aditya will never forgive them.

Mr. Dewan and Gupta Ji make a plan to take Aditya to the Gupta house.

Dadda Ji pretends that he is injured in front of Aditya′s car. Respecting his old age Aditya takes him to his home.

Goverdhen is trying to convince everyone that it is not good to have Aditya at Neha′s wedding. He says that Aditya will take revenge.

At the same time Aditya brings Dadda Ji and everyone gets worried to see him in an unhealthy condition.