Punar Vivah 2nd July Written Update Neelam's entry in Yash's life

Punar Vivah 2nd July Written Update Neelam

This episode begins with Yash telling Aarti that she needs to make the wedding dress ready. Aarti is silent and Yash thinks that Aarti does not want to work.

Aarti says to Yash that she is ready to work with him. Yash feels happy and thank her for accepting. Aarti recalls Shobha and Vidhi’s words about love and thinks to herself that she does not love Yash. Yash gets surprised by seeing Aarti’s weird behaviour.

Yash and Aarti reach the Minister's house. Aarti shows the wedding lehenga designs to Neelam but Neelam does not like any of the designs. Aarti tells her that she can design more if she (Neelam) can tell her choice.

Neelam tells Yash that she wants her wedding dress from a boutique but not from his assistant's choice.

Yash tells Aarti to attend meeting because he is going to go with Neelam. Neelam requests Yash to let her drive. Yash agrees and Neelam drives the car real fast and tries to commit suicide.  Yash follows her car. When he sees her commiting suicide, Yash slaps her.

Neelam tells him that she loves Kunal but her parents forcefully got her married to some other guy and that's why she is commiting suicide. Yash promises Neelam to get her married to Kunal.