Punar Vivah 29th August written update Ansh and Palak steel money

Punar Vivah 29th August written update Ansh and Palak steel money

The episode (August 29th, 2012) starts with Shobha encouraging Aarti to face all the problems bravely. Aarti promises Shobha to find out her fault which snatched all happiness.

Pankaj tells Vidhi that Aarti is hiding the real reason of Yash’s angry knowingly. But Vidhi believes that Aarti is correct and she is not hiding anything.

Ansh and Palak feel bad for Aarti and Yash’s separation and Aarti tells them to not to worry as everything is going to be fine soon.

Yash wakes up by hearing the prayer of his father and mother. He comes to temple and put his head in Gayatri’s lap.

Yash feels bad for not becoming a good son and a good father.

Yash says sorry to Gaytri for making her sad and starts to recall all the moments that he spent with Aarti in Mumbai.

He suddenly afraid to recall Aarti’s love confession and close himself inside his room. 

In the school, Ansh and Palak are surprised to see when magician giveing correct answers from their questions.

Ansh and Palak thinks that the magician will surely find out the reason behind their father Yash’s anger. They ask the magician to come to their house but they were sad when they get to know the magician’s fees.

Palak and Ansh takes money from Yash’s father's locker and buaji secretly watches them.