Punar Vivah 26th July written update Palak called Aarti as Mom

Punar Vivah 26th July written update Palak called Aarti as Mom

This episode (26th July 2012) begins with Palak showing her late mother Arpita’s favorite place to Aarti.  Palak tells Aarti that she wants to win but she has stage fear to talk in front of everyone.

Aarti encourages Palak by giving her Arpita’s photograph. Palak feels good to see the photo and start practising for the debate competition.

On the other hand, Ansh practises with Yash for the competition. The family gives blessings to Ansh and Palak to win the competition but buaji blesses only Palak. Aarti feels bad to see this.

In the school, Ansh delivers the speech on his new papa Yash. Ansh tells the qualities of Yash which makes teachers happy.

Palak is scared to come on to the stage because she lost Arpita’s photo. Aarti finds Arpita’s photo in school student's record and requests teacher to give one chance to Palak for delivering the speech.

Teachers allow to Palak to speak. Palak starts her speech by seeing Arpita’s photo. In her speech, Palak tells about how her mother Arpita has died.

Palak tells that she first hated her step mom Aarti but later she realized that her step mom is very good and calls Aarti as Aarti mom.

Aarti and Yash are happy to hear the Palak’s speech.