Punar Vivah 23rd August written update Yash broke Arpita's photo

Punar Vivah 23rd August written update Yash broke Arpita

This episode (August 23rd 2012) begins with Gayatri, Vidhi getting shocked on hearing some breaking noise. Prateek tries to open the door while Yash destroys all his and Arpita’s photo and memories.

The door opens and they get shocked to see Yash breaking everything in anger. Aarti tries to go inside the room but buaji stops her by telling her that if she will go in front of Yash then Yash will go away from her life forever.

Gayatri asks Yash why he is throwing Arpita’s thing which he loves very much. Yash says to her that he doesn’t want anything that reminds of Arpita in his life.

Aarti notices a photo frame and recalls what made Yash so angry.

Aarti recalls the moments of Mumbai where she informs Yash about the lack of water supply. Yash asks her that what will happen if the water problem remains the same in the next year too.

Aarti smiles at Yash and tells him that she is happy since he felt good coming to Mumbai. Yash leaves hesitantly when aarti says that he also prefers to come to Mumbai for her happiness.

Bhavri puts diesel cane in his room and it starts leaking. Aarti comes to the bathroom and suddenly circuit gets blasted and it catches fire in the room.

Aarti calls Yash for help and Yash is shocked to see Arpita's photo is burning. Yash tries to save the photos.

At the same time, Aarti calls him to save her from the fire too. Yash saves Aarti but he couldn't save Arpita's photos.

Vidhi tells Aarti that this is the reason Yash is hurting himself for not being able to save Arpita’s memories. Aarti tells Vidhi that if this is the reason for Yash's anger then Yash can hurt her but not him.