Punar Vivah 20th September written update Kareena Kapoor's entry

Punar Vivah 20th September written update Kareena Kapoor

Punar Vivah written update September 20th

Yash in boxing ring recalls Mahi Khanna's (Kareena Kapoor) advice in flashback

This episode (20-09-2012) of Punar Vivaah begins with Ansh encouraging Yash that he will sure win this boxing match. Aarti told to him that he (Yash) will become a happy man as he was in Mumbai.

Aarti ties cloths on Yash’s palms. Yash tells her that he does not know that he will the win the match but he will play with full honesty. Yash tells that this match is atonement of his guilts and sins.

Aarti tells him that is there is no pack up for some mistakes. Hearing Aarti’s words, Yash goes in flashback where Mahi Khanna (Kareena Kapoor) enters in the scene to promote Heroine.

Mahi Khanna gets angry on Yash when ribbon fell down before cutting. She gives 10 sec to Yash to repair it and impressed Yash did.

Mahi Khanna (Kareena Kapoor) tells Yash that he has pack up his this mistake but Some mistakes cannot be corrected in life (jindagi mein kuch galtiya aisi hoti hain jiska koi pack up nahi hota).

Yash comes back from the flashback. Aarti tells Yash if her love is true for him then he will surely win the match.

The boxing match starts and everyone gets shocked when boxer hits on Yash’s ribs which already injured and Yash fall down.

Aarti says to Yash to get up for their love.