Punar Vivah 1st August written update Yash and Aarti locked up

Punar Vivah 1st August written update Yash and Aarti locked up

This episode (August 1st 2012) begins with Yash telling Ansh to look after the door because he is going to take bath. 

Aarti brings corn and Ansh goes to take corn. Vidhi suddenly notices some mud on Aarti’s saree. So Aarti goes to change her saree. Aarti enters into the washroom without seeing that Yash is already there inside.

Yash and Aarti are shocked to see each other. Aarti tries to open the door but she could not. Yash hesitatingly comes out from wash tub and is about to slip but Aarti holds him. 

Yash tries open the door and complains to Aarti for locking him behind the door.

Aarti counts the tiles for time pass and tells Yash that there are 99 tiles.

Yash tells her that there are 110 tiles because he and Aarpita used to count the tiles. Aarti says to Yash that when Arpita’s memories make him happy then why is he refusing to go to Mumbai.

Vidhi opens the washroom door and they both hesitently come out.

Gaytri tells Aarti and Yash to send the kids to Arpita’s house. Yash informs her that he is ready to go Mumbai.

Everyone is happy to hear this except Paridhi and buaji. Buaji gives an idea to Paridhi

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