Punar Vivah 18 May Written Update (Write up): Yash is unconscious

Punar Vivah 18 May Written Update (Write up): Yash is unconscious

At the start of this episode, we see Ansh feeling that he is the root cause of all the misery. He says that his first father left because of him. Now his new father is also in trouble. Ansh prays to God for Yash's well being.

Soon Yash's family reaches to the hospital. Gaytri gets angry when she sees Aarti and Ansh. Gaytri asks Aarti not to meet Yash from now. Shobha tries to pacify Gaytri but Gaytri is upset because Yash was shot when he was trying to save Ansh.

Gaytri says that even Ansh's real father, had he been alive, he would never have done it. Aarti gets hurt at Gaytri’s words. 

Doctor tells Yash’s family that Yash's operation is successful. Yash’s father asks the doctor to prepare Yash’s discharge papers. The doctor agrees and discharges Yash. Yash’s family takes Yash home in an ambulance. Aarti runs to try and see Yash but ambulance leaves before she can do so.

Aarti and Ansh go to Yash’s house but Gaytri scolds Aarti and asks her to leave. Aarti asks Gaytri to let her meet Yash one last time. Gaytri refuses but Pankaj and Prateek ask Gaytri to permit Aarti here for Yash's sake.

Gaytri agrees but warns Aarti not to try going into Yash’s room. Pankaj, Prateek and Vidhi ask Yash’s father to change his decision but he is adamant saying that Aarti will have to leave Yash.

Aarti notices that Yash is coughing as she goes into his room. Aarti sees Yash is unconscious and that no one is in the room. Aarti make drinks for Yash and Yash holds her hands while drinking it in his sleep.

Aarti decides that she will stay on until Yash comes back to his sense and only then she will go from the house.