Punar Vivah 17th August written update Yash angry with Aarti

Punar Vivah 17th August written update Yash angry with Aarti

This episode (August 17th 2012) begins with Gaytri, Vidhi, and Paridhi’s husbands helping their wives to end the fast. Yash refuses to end Aarti’s fast by giving her water.

Aarti promises to the family members that until Yash will not give water to her for breaking the fast, she will not eat anything.

Ansh and Palak feel sad and make a new plan. Palak tells Yash to open her water bottle and Yash opens. They fill the water into the bottle.

Ansh and Palak feel happy as their plan gets succeeded. Ansh and Palak give water to Aarti but she refuses and tells Vidhi that she will rather die than drinking water.

Shobha scolds Aarti for thinking only about her fast but not about kids. Shobha tells Aarti that she should pray to god to make her and Yash’s relationship strong.

Aarti understanders Shobha’s words and promises to make her and Yash's relationship strong. Then Shobha feeds Aarti and ends Aarti’s fast.

Yash gets angry to see Aarti and asks her when he did not allow her to come in.

Aarti tells him that she will not come inside but asks about the mistakes that she did.

Then he angrily hurts his hand and push Aarti badly when she tries to help him.