Punar Vivah 14th June Written Update Palak and Aarti's patch up

Punar Vivah 14th June Written Update Palak and Aarti

The episode begins with Aarti saying Yash to give him one chance to handle Palak. Yash agrees and leaves from the room.

Palak asks where is her papa (Yash). Aarti tells her that she sent papa outside. Palak tells her that buaji told her that she is her step mom and she will beat Palak. Aarti smiles at her and tells her that she wants to talk with her and not beat her.

Aarti tells Palk that her mother Arpita will come to see the family picture that was made by Palak on her birthday. Palak smiles on hearing this and asks Aarti if she is telling the truth. Aarti says yes and asks Palak to celebrate her birthday.

Palak agrees and Aarti tells Palak that this is a secret and she should not tell anyone. Palak promises to Aarti and happily says Goodnight to Yash.

Yash asks Palak why she is so happy and Palak tells him that there is a secret between her and the new mom Aarti. Yash asks Aarti about the reason behind Palak’s happiness.

Aarti tells Yash that it is a secret between her daughter Palak and her. Aarti, Vidhi and Paridhi and kids search for birthday card design on the internet.

Aarti tells that it should be related to the fairy. Paridhi asks everyone about the birthday game. Pankaj tells that he will tell. Yash also comes and kids hug him. Pankaj tells a ball game and everyone agrees.
Everyone starts playing the game, Yash and Aarti's turn comes. Yash tells some words and Aarti tells him to say it loudly. Yash is embarrassed to tell again and Aarti tells it like Naach Na Jaane Aagan Tedha.

Everyone laughs and Yash leaves and recalls Arpita's memories. Shobha comes there and Gaytri taunts her.