Punar Vivah 11th September written update Aarti is pregnant

Punar Vivah 11th September written update Aarti is pregnant

Today's episode (September 11th 2012) of Punar Vivaah begins with arguments between Shobha and Mr.Dubey. Mr.Dubey questions Shobha that if Yash’s parents do not accept Aarti then where will she go. Prashant is also hurt now. So, it may be possible that he will return back to Aarti.

Shobha gets angry to hear this and she tells that Yash and Aarti can never get separated.

Mr. Dube and Shobha go to search Aarti with kids. On the other hand, Sidhiya's family does ganpati pooja. Aarti joins ganapati visarjan and thank god for revealing the reason of Yash’s anger.

Aarti faints and Shobha rushes her to the hospital. Doctor confirms about Aarti's pregnancy. Aarti is shocked to know that Aarti is pregnant and it is a confirmed news. Aarti recalls that Yash had talked about this incident in the flashback.

Shobha tells Aarti that this baby is the sign of Yash and Aarti's reunion. Aarti tells Shobha that this baby is the proof of her love to Yash but she doubts on Yash's reaction on this news. Aarti is upset and avoids not to remember the moment.

Shobha tells Mr.Dubey that Prashant will never enter in thier house.

Both Shobha and Mr.Dubey are surprised to see Yash’s parents at their house. Yash’s parents meet with kids and asks about Aarti.