Navya 29th June Written Update Final (Last) episode All is well

Navya 29th June Written Update Final (Last) episode All is well

This episode begins with OM recalling Sugandha's words. Baba tells Buadadi that he lost his all relationships while Buadadi tells not to worry since OM is still with him.

Baba gets shocked to see OM leaving. OM tells Baba that he respects his all traditions and rules, but his kids disrespect them. So, he has to go away from him as a punishment.

Anant and Navya feel happy to see OM and he says sorry to Sugandha for his misbehavior. Buadadi cribs against family members and Baba gets angry at Buadadi. He tells Buadadi that they are his kids and how dare she say go wrong against them.
Baba says that Anant was right that now he is alone in the house and no one remaining. Anant and OM get surprised to see Buadadi and Baba. Baba tells OM that his elder always preached him that the rules are above all things.

Baba tells that his kids also obeyed, but Navya never adopted his rules. He always tried to make evil plans against Navya.
Baba tells Navya that he finally defeated Anant. Navya tells Baba that he is elder and should never say sorry to her.

Everyone returns to Bajpai house and Baba gifts Sugandha her new book and announces Navya will be one of the important members in business.

The episode ends with Ranbir and Nimsiha engagement where Baba says that it is the start of Navya.