Navya 28th June Written Update Anant revealed Baba’s truth

Navya 28th June Written Update Anant revealed Baba’s truth

This episode begins with Anant telling the family that there is no fault of Nimisha because Nimisha also has all right to live life on her own terms.

Buadadi curses Navya for stuffing wrong things in Anant’s mind. Buadadi blames Navya for destroying the family peace. Anant loses his temper and tells Baba that he (Baba) is wrong and not Navya.

Anant then revealed to the family how Baba tried to break Navya and his marriage. Buadadi says Anant not to tell lies and Rama tells her that Anant told everything truthfully.

Rama has revealed that how buadadi tried to prove Navya as a thief. Buadadi says Anant that she should not come here and Anant angrily says to go away from here.

OM slaps Anant and Anant tells him that he is not yet ready to accept the truth.

Anant gets ready to leave the house. OM tells Baba that Anant is leaving home. Baba tells him that dignity and rules are important and not Anant.

Anant gets ready to leave the home with Navya. Rama, Mohan, Sanjay, Savita, Nimisha and Sugandha join along with them.

OM tells himself that from now there is only one son Sooru and rest all are died for him.

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