Navya 27th June Written Update Anant tells Ranbir, Nimisha's truth

Navya 27th June Written Update Anant tells Ranbir, Nimisha

This episode begins with Buadadi telling Nimisha that she knows everything about Ranbir and her.

Navya gets shocked and tells Anant that they should tell the family about Ranbir and Nimish as Buadadi has known about this.

Anant tells Baba that he wants to talk to him about Nimisha. Baba tells him that he also wants to speak about the same, but let guest leave first.

Appy, Ritz and Ranveer say bye and leave from the party. Sanjay praises Sugandha for making everything fine. Buadadi wants to tell them about Ranbir and Nimisha, but Anant interrupts.

Baba calls Nimisha and asks Nimisha to tell the truth. Sanjay asks Baba what happened and Baba tells him that Nimisha disrespects the family dignity. 

Sanjay and Savita ask Nimisha about the matter. Nimisha says sorry to Savita and Buadadi tells that Nimisha and Ranvir love each other.

Family gets shocked to hear this and Baba blames Sanjay for this. Buadadi blames that Navya is the one of whom has brought Ranbir and Nimisha’s together.

Baba curses Nimisha, Sanjay, Sugandha, Navya for breaking the family rules. Baba says to Anant that Navya divided the family. Anant tells Baba that Navya has done nothing wrong.

Anant tells Baba that he also knew about Ranbir and Nimisha. Baba gets shocked to hear this.