Navya 22nd June Written Update OM refused to accept Sugandha

Navya 22nd June Written Update OM refused to accept Sugandha

The episode begins with Rama bringing tea for Mohan and he smiles when he takes it. Mohan and Rama give gifts to each other and hug.
Anant tells Sugandha about website launch and Sugandha tells Anant that it will create more problems between Om and her relationships.

Anant says to himself that he wants not only her and Om to patch up he wants her to get respect in the family. Buadadi tells everyone about Baba’s birthday and ask them to be available on that day. Anant tells everyone about Sugandha's website and tells that he has got a good response from the viewers.

Anant tells Om that he did not want to hurt him but just want to give an honour to his mom Sugandha in the family. Om takes the laptop from Anant and throws it. Baba and Buadadi smirk while Anant and Navya gets shocked to see it.

Om tells Anant that Sugandha's identity is only as his wife and she has lost this identity too. Anant says Navya that he thought that Om hates  Sugandha’s website but he hates Sugandha too.

Navya tells Anant that they have to give some time to Papa (Om) and Sugandha (Mom). Nimisha talks with Ranbir on phone and Buadadi tries to overhear conversation through other phone.

But Navya unplugs the phone before buadadi hears anything. Navya tells Nimisha to take care before talking with Ranbir.
Navya tells Anant that they have to tell the family about Nimisha and Ranbir on Baba’s birthday, and Anant agrees to it.