Navya 21st June Written Update love bloom amid Nimisha & Ranbir

Navya 21st June Written Update love bloom amid Nimisha & Ranbir

The episode begins with Nimisha telling sorry to Anant. Anant says that he is very angry for hiding the truth from him.

Nimisha tells Anant that she just realized today that she loves Ranbir.

Navya says to Anant that they have to make everything fine between Ranbir and Nimisha. Savita tells Sanjay that when Anant and Navya are here, then the problem will not arise.

Anant says to Navya that he should talk with Ranbir, and Navya agrees. Navya asks Ritz that why she spoiled their friendship. Ritz tells Navya that she got jealous with Ranbir’s happiness and says sorry to Navya for her wrong behavior.

Navya tells to Ritz that when she and Ranbir had fought, they tried to patch up them. But both did not agree to it.

Navya says to Ritz that now Ranbir is ahead in his life, so she should also go ahead.

Ranbir asks Anant why he came here if he wants to scold him. Anant says Ranbir that he loves Nimisha and has hidden this big thing.

Anant tells Ranbir that now they are not friends as they are part of the family now. Anant, Ranbir, Ritz and Navya confront and Ritz says sorry to Ranbir for her bad behavior.

Ranbir tells Ritz that they are still friends and wishes each other for the future. Navya brings Nimisha in her room and Nimisha gets happy to see Ranbir and Navya.

Anant tells that now they have to tell family members about Ranbir and Nimisha.

Buadadi suspects that there is something fishy between Navya, Nimisha and Ranbir.