Navya 20th June Written Update Ranbir and Nimisha’s love expose

Navya 20th June Written Update Ranbir and Nimisha’s love expose

The episode begins with Ritz telling Anant that Ranbir is trying to take advantage of Nimisha’s simplicity. Ritz tells Anant that she saw Ranbir and Nimisha hugging to each other and also heard them laughing during the night.

Anant gets angry at Ritz, but she says Anant to trust her. Ranbir gets upset thinking about a file and Nimisha brings the file.

Nimisha shows the paper where Ranbir has written his and Nimisha’s name together.

Ranbir says sorry to Nimisha and says that he doesn’t know when he had fallen in love with her. Nimisha tells Ranbir no need to say sorry as she too loves him.

Nimisha and Ranbir get shocked to see Navya. Navya asks Ranbir and Nimisha how they can hide such a big thing from her.

Ranbir tells Navya that he does not know when they started to like each other. Anant starts shouting at Ranbir for cheating him and asks how he can do it with Nimisha.

Ranbir tells Anant that he loves Nimisha, and then Anant gets burst out in anger at Ranbir. Ranbir gets upset and leaves.

Ranbir calls Ritz and tells her that he never thought that she can do such bad things.

Navya tells Anant that Ranbir should tell him and Navya tells him that perhaps they did not get time to tell him. Anant realizes his mistake and Navya tells him to talk to Nimisha.

Anant and Navya pretend as if separated while Baba and Buadadi thinks that the difference is continuing between them.