Navya 19th June Written Update Baba angry with Sanjays success

Navya 19th June Written Update Baba angry with Sanjays success

The episode begins with Anant getting very excited to know that one of his friend’s wife is interested to invest in Sugandha’s recipe blog.

Anant goes to tell about it to Navya and bumps into Ranveer. Ranveer tells everyone that Sanjay chachu’s design got selected in international.

Anant, Navya, Mohan, Nimisha congratulates Sanjay chachu but Baba, Buadadi and Om leaves in anger. Anant asks for a party and Sanjay chachu agrees and tells his success credit goes to Navya and Ranveer.

Buadadi cribs about Sanjay’s success and blames it for Navya. Anant tells Navya that his friend is interested in investing in their site. Navya feels happy to hear it.

Savita says sorry to Navya for her bad behaviour. Savita tells Navya that because of her, now happiness has come and hugs Navya.

Savita prepares a delicious dish and tells Rama that it is for Navya and Sanjay. Buadadi taunts Savita for making dishes for Navya and Sanjay.

Ranveer, Nimisha and Navya come to Restro and sees that Anant is already there. Anant gets a call and Ritz gets shocked to see Ranveer, Nimisha and Navya.

Ritz thinks that Navya knows about Nimisha and Ranveer and decides to take revenge on Navya.