Navya 18th June Written Update Navya fails to unite Om, Sugandha

Navya 18th June Written Update Navya fails to unite Om, Sugandha

The episode begins with Navya asking Anant why he was standing like that. Anant tells her that he didn’t know how to resolve Sugandha’s problem. Navya consoles Anant by saying they will surely try something, so Anant should not give up soon.

Anant tells Navya that he cannot do anything without her. Navya too says the same and they both hug each other. Buadadi tells Baba that the weather is so good today and Baba asks about Om and Sugandha’s fight.

Buadadi says that she has created a lot of misunderstandings between Om and Sugandha. Buadadi tells Baba that his 75th birthday has yet to come, so she will return to his all traditions and rules.

Baba tells Buadai that he wants to see Navya out of this house on his birthday. Navya asks Anant whether any reply came from the sponsors. Anant says no, so Navya asks Anant to talk to Ranveer.

Anant tells sorry to Ranveer for Buadadi’s bad behavior. Ranveer tells Anant that there is no need to worry about all this as Buadadi is older than them.

Sugandha brings tea for Om, but Om refuses to take anything from her. Navya gets hurt to overhear them. Navya tells Rama about Om and Sugandha’s conversation.

Navya tells Rama that she has to do something for Om and Sugandha’s patch up. Ritz blames Ranveer for having an affair with Nimisha.

Navya says Om that it is no fault of Sugandha because she (Navya) was responsible for all this.

Om thinks about Navya’s words but Buadadi provokes Om against Sugandha and Navya at that time.