Navya 15th June Written Update Anant, Navya planning for website

Navya 15th June Written Update Anant, Navya planning for website

The episode begins with Ranveer greeting Buadadi and then he leaves. Buadadi stops him and starts to pass bad comments about his character and asks him to go. Navya stops him and tells Buadadi that Sanjay chachu is waiting for Ranveer.

Buadadi warns Navya that she is not doing the right thing to go against her and leaves. Navya says sorry to Ranveer for Buadadi’s bad behavior.

Ranveer says that Buadadi is right and tells Navya that he cannot be a guest in the house anymore.

When Navya tells Nimisha that Buadadi had insulted Ranveer, Nimisha gets upset. Navya tells Anant about Ranveer and Buadadi’s conversation.

Anant gets upset with Buadadi and calls Ranveer, but fails. Navya tells Anant that they will call him later. Then, Navya tells Anant about the recipe blog that Sugandha is writing and tells that it has become a hit.

Anant gets a call and the caller asks about advertising on the website. Anant gets an idea and tells Navya that they will launch a website which makes Sugandha’s blog famous all over the world.

Rama sees Om is alone in the room. So, she decides to search for Sugandha’s recipe book. Rama gets the book and gives it to Anant and Navya.

Navya posts the recipe on the blog and Anant gets in contact with the investors. Investors refuse to launch Anant’s blog.

In the dining room, Om leaves from the dinner table to see Sugandha. Buadadi taunts at Sugandha while Anant and Navya get very hurt to see Sugandha.

Anant consoles Sugandha that everything will become alright and Sugandha replies saying that nothing will ever be fine. Anant tells Sugandha to trust him and he will definitely make everything fine.