Navya 13th June Written Update OM and Anant’s big aruguments

Navya 13th June Written Update OM and Anant’s big aruguments

The episode begins with Om scolding Sugandha saying that how dare she can start her recipe blog without his permission.

Navya tells Om that it is not her fault because Navya did everything and Sugandha was not aware of it.

Om scolds Navya by saying that Bajpai family’s daughter-in-law never talk directly to her father-in-law. Om continues scolding Sugandha saying not to make her status high in the family and starts insulting her family.

Anant comes back from the office and overhears all this. Anant tells Om that Sugandha did not do any mistake. Sugandha shouts at Anant saying that she asked him to close the blog and slaps him.

Anant hugs Sugandha and tells her that it is not her fault. Buadadi tells Anant that this is all Navya's fault. Anant tells Om that Navya did not do anything wrong, but the fault is in everyone's thinking.

Om tells Anant that women can never be equal to men. Anant tells Om that until now he was searching for the owner of the blog and wants to publish it in the magazine. But, when he came to know that it is Sugandha’s (Om’s wife) blog, then he started to insult her.

Om asks Anant to close this blog, but Anant denies. Anant challenges OM that he will surely publish a book on this. Om and Anant had a big argument about this.

Sugandha says sorry to Om but he tells her to go away from his life. Buadadi taunted Navya saying that finally she made everything wrong against the whole family.