Navya 12 June Written Update Om gets angry at Sugandha & Navya

Navya 12 June Written Update Om gets angry at Sugandha & Navya

The episode begins with Ranvir telling Nimisha about Ritz and his breakup. Ranvir tells her that time changes a person completely.

Nimisha also supports him and tells that she was also in same situation but Navya had helped her. Nimisha and Ranvir come on the wrong side of the road and see a tea shop. Ranvir and Nimisha share a nice talk and have drink of tea.

Navya and Rama get worried when they come to know that Buadadi takes Sugandha with her. Buadadi tells Sugandha that she has known everything about Anant, Navya and her plan.

Sugandha gets scared and asks Buadadi that not to inform Om. Sugandha tells Buadadi that she was not aware that Anant and Navya had made a recipe blog for her. Buadadi gets shocked and smirks on knowing the truth.

Baba gets happy to hear the conversation between Sugandha and Buadadi's through the phone. Baba asks Om whether he knows about the popularity of the recipe blog.

Om tells Baba that he does not know yet but he is searching. Baba tells Om that there is no need to search for her because recipe owner is his wife Sugandha. Om gets shocked to hear it.

Buadadi tells Om that it all happened because of Navya and provoke Om against Sugandha. Om gets very furious to hear all this and calls Sugandha in an angry voice.

Navya and Rama get shocked and Baba and Buadadi smirk behind their back on seeing all this. Om scolds Sugandha for blogging without asking him. Navya tries to stop Om but he stops her.