Navya 11th June Written Update Buadadi's evil plan against Navya

Navya 11th June Written Update Buadadi

The episode begins when Buadadi tells herself that she will teach a lesson to Nimisha later, but now she has to show the right way to Navya.

Rama tells Navya that she has a doubt whether Buadadi had known about their plan. Navya gets scared and tells Rama that they had never revealed anything, so how would Buadadi have know.

Navya calls to Anant and Anant tells her that Sugandha’s recipe blog is getting more popular. Navya responds in a sad mood and tells Anant that Buadadi may know about their plan.

Anant tells Navya that there is a problem because papa and Mohan bhaiyya has gone out for some other work. But he will try to come soon to the house.

Baba praises Buadadi that finally she did something good and found out the plan of Navya. Buadadi tells him that she is his sister, so how can she be defeated by Navya.

Baba tells Buadadi that now no one can save Navya and that she will have to leave the house.

On the other hand, Rama tells Navya that Buadadi is planning something big against her which might affect her life.

Precap: Om scolds Sugandha for starting a recipe blog without his permission. Baba and Buadadi give evil smirks while Navya gets shocked.