NBTNMKK episode 20th Sept. Mohan Went Beyond His Ethics For Megha

NBTNMKK episode 20th Sept. Mohan Went Beyond His Ethics For Megha

NBTNMKK written update Septmber 20th

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Episode (Septemeber 20th,2012) shows that Mohan wanted to sell his motorbike to pay hospital bills of Megha.

Guru reminded Mohan that motorbike is on lease and it cannot be sold.

Mr. Vyas told his son to leave the house as he bought the car encashing the deposit meant for the children.

Renu apologizes to his father-in-law to forgive them for their mistake. Mr. Vyas was angry and ordered to leave house before we return back. Mr. Vyas took his wife's jewellery to pay hospital bills.

Mohan went to his father's office to take money on credit and promised to return it with interest.

Mohan's father replied that he will help out him only if he will join his office. Mohan was speechless as his priority to save Megha life.

Mr Vyas requested to hospital authorities to give him more time to pay the hospital bills. Hospital authority replied that money is deposited already by Mohan.

Mr Vyas embraced Mohan. Addu was talking with Megha and Lamp started blinking.

Addu said bravely that he is smart enough to fix a lamp. Even as Megha was warning Addu not to touch the lamp he didn't disist.

Megha fell down from her bed trying to stop Addu and got hurt. Hearing Addu shout all rushed to that room.

Mohan tried to shake her into senses but to no avail as she had fainted.