Madhubala 31st August Written Update Madhubala threatens RK

Madhubala 31st August Written Update Madhubala threatens RK

The episode on August 31st 2012 begins with Madhubala recollecting about her mother’s insult on the RK sets.

Sikander takes the scotch away when Bittu tries to stop him.

Kuku insults Sikander when the two were drinking in a room. Sikender leaves a letter for Madhubala on her door.

Madhubala is shocked on seeing some photos in the envelope.

The letter has some evidence against RK saying that he is her well wisher to fight against him.

The letter further denotes that RK has thought that he has buried all these photos in the past.

Madhubala goes to RK’s room and he mocks her by saying that her happiness is left for only 20 hours.

RK gets shocked on seeing the photos while having the dinner.

RK angrily asks Madhu from whom she got these photos.

Madhu taunts back him saying that he is losing now for the first time.

She further threatens him that she will publish it in newspaper if he doesn’t apologize to her mother.


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