Kairi Episode (September 7th, 2012) Ambi will revealed truth soon

Kairi Episode (September 7th, 2012) Ambi will revealed truth soon

Kairi episode (September 7th, 2012) shows Ambi unhappy with Anuj. He did not believe that she did not call her mother. Mala was showing concern and suggested that you should clarify the things while talking with him.

Mala told Ambi that Anuj is very obstinate while when he got angry with her, he didn’t talk for many days. Mala walked away when she got a call from her office. Anuj asked Ambi to give laptop while entering into the room.  

Ambi didn’t reply while giving laptop to Anuj. Anuj got a call while he was about to ask some thing to Ambi. Anuj asked his colleague to send him message on mobile so he can discuss the matter with the client.

Ambi got an idea on hearing message word from Anuj, she thought for making a plan.

Vibha got upset when her mother told to get ready to visit a temple with Sanjay (her fiancée). Vibha was trembling while thinking a behavior of Sanjay when she last met him. Vibha made an excuse to her mother that she is not feeling well.

Vibha’s mother requested Vibha that you should go this time as Sanjay will feel bad and that will harm your relation. Sanjay was trying to convince Vibha to go to the hotel with him for a cup of tea.

Vibha was scared about his behavior and she declined his request.

Sanjay scolded her that how will you spend whole life with me as you are not prepared to sit even for a cup of tea. Vibha recalled her mother’s advice and accompanied Sanjay.

Sanjay’s behavior annoyed Vibha and she left in disgust.

Mala was very happy about the differences, she created between Ambi & Anuj. Ambi requested Mala to give her mobile that she wanted to call her mother to know about her father’s health.

Ambi did a fake call in front of Mala & Imrati to show that she is talking with her father. Ambi asked her father to enquire about the call, who had called you regarding Anuj’s complaint.

Mala got scared about Ambi’s conversation. Mala told Imrati that my mother will be in a trouble, if she got the number that was dialed from.

Imrati questioned her the intelligence of Mala’s mother asking why she could not call from P.C.O. rather than from her own number.