Kairi 20th September written update Anuj, Ambi in Suman's Village

Kairi 20th September written update Anuj, Ambi in Suman

Kairi written update September 20th Anuj in trouble with Suman and Ambi

Kairi Episode (Septtember 20th, 2012) shows that Suman lying on bed unconscious. Anuj is worried about the current situation while a lady doctor enters the room.

Doctor asks what went wrong with Suman to a lady standing near Suman's bed. The lady tells the doctor that Suman is not in senses when she heared about the fake information of her husband's death.

Anuj leaves the house in search of Ambi. Ambi prays to God asking him not to put them in such a situation because her good days had just started.

Anuj while searching Ambi sees her praying. He assures Ambi that she need not worry as he will tell the truth to Suman that he is Anuj not Abhay ( her husband ).

Lady doctor overhears the conversation and requests Anuj  not tell the truth now as Suman already tried to commit suicide and most importantely she is pregnant by 2 months.

A lady suggests Anuj to take Suman along with him as his family accepted Suman intially and will accepts her fully when they will come to know about the pregnancy.

Anuj requests the lady to take care of Suman as he has to go Delhi for some urgent work. Anuj gives money to the lady as she was reluctant to care of  Suman.

Anuj and Ambi go home. Suman wakes up and asks the lady where her husband Abhay has gone. The lady replies that her husband has gone to Delhi for some urgent work and has asked her to do the household work.