Jodha Akbar 9th October 2013 written update Jodha Akbar WU

Jodha Akbar 9th October 2013 written update Jodha Akbar WU

Jodha Akbar written episode Wednesday October 9th 2013 Jodha Akbar WU

Today's (09.10.2013) Jodha Akbar (Rajat Tokas) and Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) love story starts with Jodha’s one of the Dasi comes to informs Jodha that blood has stopped but his fever has gone high.

Jodha gets surprised on hearing this and she prays to god for him.

Hamida tells Jodha that she will not stay here and asks her to go away.

Jodha says she does not agree with her she will not go else people will think that she did everything intentionally.

She can’t leave Jalal in this condition.

Hamida tells to her that she not asking her as a mother but she ordering as a queen and she wants the order to be fulfilled.

Jodha and everyone pray for Jalal.

Hakim seeks Medicine and says everyone that not to worry this is right medicine for Jalal.

Jalal wakes up. Hakim tells now Jalal is fine. Everyone gets happy on hearing Hakim’s words.

Jalal asks water Jodha tells him now do not drink water.Rukiya scolds her but Hakim tells her Jodha is telling right.

Jalal’s commander informs Agra that Jalal is fine they are very happy.

Hamida gives a gift to Jodha and says thanks to save Jalal's  life.

Jodha tells Hamida about Ajmer and she is suprised to see Jalal’s new behavior.

Precap Jodha akbar on 10th October 2013

Jalal asks Rukiya that Jodha saved his life. Rukiya tells she is responsible for his condition and says she slaped Jodha.