Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 13th September written update

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 13th September written update

Arnav and Khushi's haldi (turmeric) ceremony

This episode (September 13th 2012) of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) begins with Khushi apologizing to Arnav for hurting him and she kisses on his cheeks. Khushi asks Arnav to leave her hand. She feels bad when Arnav tells her that if he will leave her hand then he will never hold it back.

Khushi warns Arnav to not to talk like this again. Arnav says sorry to her and hugs her smilingly. Shyam and Anjali talk that they will have lavish wedding of Arnav and Khushi.

Arnav thanks Khushi to bring his sister Anjali's happiness back. 

Khushi and Arnav promise each other to be together forever.

Dadi and Shyam discuss about Khushi is not a good girl. Shyam changes the topic seeing Arnav is watching them. Arnav leaves then Shyam promises to dadi to do something.

Arnav searches his ring and Anjali gives it to him. Arnav smiles when Anjali informs about haldi ceremony at Khushi’s house. She also suggest everyone not to tell about this to Khushi.

Garima and Buaji mesmerize to see Khushi in beautiful dress. They surprise to see whole Raizada family at their house for haldi ceremony.

NK tells Khushi that Arnav does not like haldi so put haldi on him (NK). Khushi tells NK to tell Arnav that if he will not come then she will get married to Salman Khan.

Arnav teasingly say Khushi to get married that Salman Khan who always stands on bus stop. Khushi angrily says him that if she put mehendi of Salman Khan’s name then it will be become dark.

Khushi tells Arnav that he does not love her because her as mehendi color is not red. Arnav gets angry to hear this and warns Khushi to not to say this again as he has no need to prove his love.