Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 27th August written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 27th August written update

This episode (August 27th 2012) begins with Arnav telling Anjali that he will drop her at her place. But dadi tells Arnav that she is going with Anjali.

Arnav reaches the hotel. He gets amused to see Khushi in black outfits. The waiter tells her that the table is already booked.

Khushi persuade the waiter for booking a table using her Lucknow style. She tells the waiter that she have brought her fiance for dinner for the first time. So she pleads him to save her image in front of him. Arnav smiles to hear Khushi’s words.

Arnav gets surprised when Khushi behaves like him and also orders for the Italian food. Meanwhile, Shyam and Anjali also reach the same hotel.

Khushi feels bad when Arnav corrects all her mistakes. Arnav orders for two drinks. At first, Khushi refuses but she drinks when Arnav forces her.

Khushi likes the taste and gets surprised when the waiter tells her that it is kala khatta. Arnav tells Khushi that he will never force her to do things which she dislikes.

Arnav is surprised when Khushi orders for champagne. Arnav tries to help Khushi but Khushi opens champagne by self and the lid hits on a customer's spec.

Khushi is shocked to see this and starts to cry. To bring smile on Khushi’s face, Arnav mimics like Khushi.

Shyam gets shocked to see Arnav and Khushi at the hotel. Shyam hides himself behind the table. Anjali is also afraid of Arnav's presence in the same hotel.

Shyam tells her that he will surely come to her house on godh bharaai.

Shyam disguises himself as an electrician. He enters in the Raizada house in the midst of the preparations for the celebrations of Anjali's godh bharaai.