Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 15th September written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 15th September written update

IPKKND Maha episode written update September 15th: Dadi knows Garima and Arnav's father relationship truth

This episode (September 15th 2012) begins with Garima feeling relaxed when dadi was unable to recognize her face colored with haldi. Garima and Dadi congratulate each other by applying haldi.

Arnav and Khushi also celebrate the haldi ceremony in a romantic way by applying it to each other’s face. Shyam decides to find out the secret behind the hide and seek game between Garima and dadi.

Garima is afraid when buaji calls her to meet dadi. But dadi leaves along with Shyam avoiding Garima. Arnav refuses to go out. Khushi reminds her that a groom and bride are not supposed to face each other after haldi ceremony.

Khushi and Arnav smile together when family members doesn’t give time to wash their haldi. Shyam provokes Dadi against Khushi's character.

Shyam is surprised when dadi tell him that she hasn’t faced Garima till now. Shyam asks Arnav to give him one more chance to make his relationship strong with him. Arnav tells Shyam that he is present here only because of Anjali.

Shyam is shocked when he overhears Dadi telling Arnav that he will never excuse Shyam as he did for his father.

Anjali reveals to Shyam that his father had extramarital affairs, so her mother committed suicide.

Dadi tells Shyam that Khushi is responsible for the present condition and Garima was responsible for the past condition.

Shyam is shocked to know that Garima was the second person who destroyed Arnav's parent’s life. Garima refuses to go to Arnav's house but Arnav insists and he finally succeeds to take her to his home.

Shyam secretly enters into Khushi's house. Shyam sees Garima's photo with a man and he decides to reveal the past. Arnav agrees to play a game saying that Khushi has to obey his orders if he wins the game.

In the game, Payal imitates like Manorama offers the final round to Khushi and Arnav.

Arnav wins the game by making signs. Khushi unwillingly accepts Arnav's wish and he takes her into his room.

Shyam changes Garima's medicine with dadi's medicines. Shyam feels happy when dadi decides to give the medicine to Garima.