IPKKND 2 2nd September 2013 written update Iss Pyaar Ko WU

IPKKND 2 2nd September 2013 written update Iss Pyaar Ko WU

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? ...Ek Baar Phir written episode Monday September 2nd 2013 IPKKND 2 WU

Today's (02.09.2013) Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 (IPKKND 2) Shlok (Avinash Sachdev) and Ashtha (Shrenu Parikh) story starts with Astha explaining Shlok that she did not do anything deliberately.

Anjali tells Astha’s father that he has taken the right decision when Astha’s father tells her that he cannot say yes to the marriage proposal.

Anjali tells Niranjan that Atul has come to say that Astha is not ready for marriage which means she does not want to marry Shlok.

Gauri tells Astha about her problem.

Niranjan says if Astha is not ready to marry Shlok, we should not force her.

Astha agrees to attend the award function.

Atul asks Astha to bring a bouquet to give it to Shlok.

Astha asks his dad if she has Shlok’s number, she wants to congratulate him.

Infront of the reporters Shlok gives the credit to his dad. 

Sholk tells that whatever he is he is because of his mother when the reports ask what the stand of his mother in his success is.

Shlok tells to the reporters that everyone knows my dad, he is a brand, so every institute starts by his name.

Shlok gets angry on the reporter when they ask why there is no award starting with his mother’s name.

Astha goes to Shlok’s head office to meet him.

Astha sits in Shlok’s car while trying to talk to her.Shlok drives the car in high speed and Astha gets scared.

Shlok tells Astha don’t try to challenge me next time, you will regret.

Precap for IPKKND2 on 3rd September 2013:

Astha tries to talk to Shlok but Shlok scolds her.