Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st Aug written update EHMMBH

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st Aug written update EHMMBH

The episode begins with swamini bua saying dadaji to have breakfast and Manvi is careless. Manvi comes with juice which she made for dadaji.

Manvi says sorry to Swamini bua for being late and gives Swamini bua a serious explanation for being late. Manvi serves juice to dadaji. Ashlok tells Manvi that she has become like Jeevika bhabhi.

Swamini bua tells him that no one can take Jeevika’s place because she is very good at all the works. Jeevika, Viren and Virat feel bad to hear Swamini bua. Manvi agrees to buaji as Jeevika is one in the whole world.

Manvi and Virat share a cute moment talking about their future married life. Manvi feels pain in her stomach. Virat gives her medicines and he asks her to take rest.

Manvi decides to impress buaji and dadbbu and shloke challenges that Manvi will succeed to impress Swamini bua. 

Vanshika gifts Manvi a pair of earrings and also tells her that Swamini bua likes sitaphal ice cream. Viren tells Manvi to tell Jeevika about her cancer report and Manvi talks self about how to tell this to Jeevika.

Jeevika notices Manvi is talking but she could not hear anything and Manvi also avoid to tell her the cancer truth.

Manvi makes ice cream and dabbu invites the family members to eat icecream. Manvi takes the icecream and feels pain and dizziness again. She drops icecream tray and everyone gets shocked.