Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th Sept written update EHMMBH

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th Sept written update EHMMBH

EHMBH written update 20th September Manvi apologises to Jeevika

This episode (September 19th, 2012) begins with Jeevika trying to convince Manvi to make her understand her problems as there was no other solution to save her (Manvi's) life.

Manvi blames Jeevika for spoiling everyone's happiness by aborting her child. Manvi tells Jeevika that she (Jeevika) always sacrificed for her since childhood. Now she had sacrificed her biggest happiness for her (Manvi).

Jeevika is shocked when Manvi tells Jeevika to go away from her sight. Dadaji tells Swamini bua to think about Jeevika’s condition.

Virat is angry on Manvi for her rude behaviour with Jeevika. He asks Manvi to apologize Jeevika otherwise she will never talk to her.

Manvi asks Viren why he had not stopped Jeevika from going in for the abortion. Viren asks Manvi what she would do if she was in Jeevika’s situation, where she had to choose between her baby and her sister.

Manvi apologizes to Jeevika for her bad behaviour. Both Manvi and Jeevika happily hug each other.

Everyone is happy when Dr. Mehra informs them that Manvi would be get discharged soon.

Virat thanks Manvi for saying apologising to Jeevika. Manvi teases Virat as after marriage he will always be silent.