DID Little Masters 2 (DID 2) 21 July 2012 Dharmesh & Faisal's act

DID Little Masters 2 (DID 2) 21 July 2012 Dharmesh & Faisal

Dancing star Dharmesh came again to the DID stage to support Faisal from the group Prince Ki Palton. They both entertained the audience and judges with their superb performance which won the hearts of all.

They danced on the song ZARA SA ZARA SA from Jannat 2. Their act was efficiently choreographed and contained all the necessary elements of dance present in it.

The timing was superb and execution was brilliant. Judges were very much impressed. The performers dedicated their act to Geeta Kapoor who praised the chemistry of the couple. She liked the presence of mind of Faisal because his prop fell down, but he managed it very well.

Master Marcy was equally convinced by the act and appreciated the skills of Faisal and Dharmesh. He also praised Faisal's presence of mind.

Grand master Muthun Da was happy to see Dharmesh performing back on DID stage. He gave positive and encouraging remarks to both of the performers.