DID Lil Masters 2 (DID 2) 21 July DID 1 Siddhesh & Jeet's dance

DID Lil Masters 2 (DID 2) 21 July DID 1 Siddhesh & Jeet

On 21st July 2012, the season DID 1 star Siddhesh joined Jeet of DID lil masters 2 from Neerav Ke Ninja. Together both Siddhesh & Jeet rocked the stage with their power packed performance.

They danced on a remix which was composed of some lovely songs of the past along with some modern touches. Their coordination was superb with perfect expressions.

It was a lively act which brought smiles on everyone’s faces. The execution and timing of steps was perfect.

At the end of the performance Geeta Kapoor was unable to hold her smile. She praised the choreography and performance of the participants. She appreciated Siddhash’s expressions but was particularly more impressed with Jeet.

Master Marzi liked the act and gave positive reviews. He complemented Jeet by saying that when he will get older he will surly become a star performer.

Grand master Mithun Da was happy and looked impressed. He appreciated Siddhesh’s presence and praised the overall performance. He stood up and saluted both of them.

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